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Like many groups, our volunteering opportunities have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are pleased to announce however, that we have resumed some on-ground activities and are taking Expressions of Interest for activities that we anticipate may resume soon. Pre-registration is required to ensure our COVID Safe maximum attendance limits apply.

**31/05/21 update: in line with the new 7 day circuit-breaker restrictions in place for Victoria from 11.59pm, Thursday 25 May 2021, Parks Victoria advise that: All volunteering, education and guided walks programs across all of Victoria have been paused until further notice. This includes individual participation as part of a community or environmental group on Parks Victoria’s estate.

When Parks Vic advise it is again declared safe to volunteer, you will be one of the first to know by contacting us, to find out more, and to elect whether you’d like to receive regular updates of what you can get involved in via our new e-News ‘Friends Volunteer Update’, the choice is yours. 

There are a number of ways that an individual can get involved. Not everyone can make a financial contribution, but everyone can contribute in some way.

Hear about some of the valuable work our volunteers do here.

Read on for information about all of our volunteer opportunities, including:

  • nursery assistance
  • planting days & habitat restoration help
  • ecological surveys
  • weekend activities
  • corporate & team building days
  • … and more.

But press PAUSE, before you scroll. At the moment, we’d particularly like help with… 

Our top 3 wish list roles…

  • CURRENTLY chatting with someone. Thank you! Financial management of our grants (times to suit you)
    Do you understand financial management and the financial reporting funding bodies require? Can you help our volunteer Treasurer manage this critical aspect of our work?
  • CURRENTLY chatting with someone. Thank you! Exploring fundraising opportunities (times to suit you)
    Do you understand marketing and promotion? Can you help us explore and prioritise opportunities? We have DGR status and our Public Fund committee would love to work with you
  • Development of promotional and educational materials (times to suit you)
    Do you enjoy working on and implementing projects that engage others? Our staff would welcome your help.

Please contact us to ask how you might start contributing today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Committee of Management

Committee’s aren’t for everyone, but successful groups don’t function without the dedication of a committee. We are no exception. We employ staff and manage multiple funded projects. Our volunteer committee is important, and well regarded. New members are always welcome.

At this time, we are particularly seeking people who have experience with fundraising or financial management. We manage many active project-based grants, all aimed at improving the natural values of this region and connecting people to conservation. We are open to discussing project-based or longer-term commitments that suit your availability. Does this sound interesting to you? Click here for information about the current committee.

Contact us for further conversation with our President, Alan, about how you might start contributing today.


There are a number of other ways you can get involved.

If you believe in the saying ‘Think globally. Act locally’ and are passionate about making a difference, then convert your precious time into endangered species conservation work and improve your local environment by becoming a volunteer with the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater. Get connected! Learn skills, gain experiences, share knowledge.

Whether you are looking to do your bit for the environment, want work experience in the industry or want to volunteer with a group of friendly, welcoming people we have a role for you. No experience is necessary for most roles. Details of our current opportunities are listed below.

If you are studying natural resources, horticulture, teaching or undertaking some other form of education or training, community-based work experience will be held in very high regard by employers. You can be involved in a number of ways.

For further information about any of our volunteer opportunities please contact us.


  • Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 1st Saturday of the month (Apr-Dec)

Learn new skills in plant propagation and plant identification or share your knowledge. Come and enjoy the colour, movement and sound of the bush whilst enjoying the company of fellow Friends as you pot up plants and get involved in various aspects of nursery management. Check out our opening times here. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Nursery Manager.

Volunteers often attend weekly or fortnightly on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and/or monthly on a Saturday from 9.30am-1pm and bring a picnic lunch to have in the bushland surrounds afterwards. Morning tea and training is provided.

Contact us to be placed on our WAIT LIST. We expect new places may become available mid 2021.

Seeds and Weeds Group

(formerly:   Revegetation Group. Change of name to better reflect the activities, same warm welcome)

  • We’ve RESUMED for 2021
  • monthly, generally on a Sunday.

Activities may include seed collecting, targeted weeding, habitat planting or works around the nursery or at differing locations around the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve and area. Meet at the Yellingbo Ranger’s House, 1217 Macclesfield Road, Yellingbo (Melway Map 305 Ref. G11) at 9.30am. BYO lunch. Most equipment is supplied. Please dress for the weather. Sturdy boots are required, gumboots in wet weather. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Group Coordinator.

Our new, purpose built seed storage facility is coming soon – the foundations have been laid, the building is coming…

All plants grown and sold by the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater community nursery are of local provenance. All propagation material is collected under permit to protect and preserve the integrity of our natural environment. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Nursery Manager & Seeds and Weeds Group Coordinator.

Events will be automatically cancelled if wind GUSTS of 50 kph, severe, extreme, total fire ban or code red are forecast for the Central District. Please check with the Bureau of Meteorology at 5.00pm the day before.

Contact us to be advised about scheduled date/s and to be put in contact with Rich, the Group Coordinator.

Fauna & Flora surveys | Hands-on crew

  • variable days – weekdays & weekends, following the seasons
  • short & longer-term roles
  • on-line – your skills, combined with our areas of need, all in the comfort of your home.

Looking for something to expend some energy, make great use of your plant/fauna/fungi knowledge or learn? Maybe you just want to get stuck into something useful?

It’s common to think you don’t know enough to contribute to fauna and flora (ecological)  surveys, but we don’t believe that’s true. If you know how to use your own phone/camera and are willing to participate, we’d love to show you the rest. If you have some ID skills, we’d love you to share your knowledge with us and others. Together, we’re building on the knowledge of Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve, in a scientifically rigorous way. It is possible to do this both online and on the ground. Ask us how.

The Hands-on crew will get stuck into really practical, fun and meaningful tasks that support the 31+ year history of the Friends work to halt, and reverse, the threat of extinction of the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater. You will be working alongside knowledgeable staff and like-minded people. You will feel a satisfyingly ‘good’ tired, knowing your time has not been wasted and is valued.
If you’re in the reserve with us, you may get wet and/or cold or hot at times, but you will expect this being out in the bush. It’s part of the joy, along with the smiles, laughter and exercise we’ll share! If your contribution is on-line, we’ll be inviting you to visit and meet the team 🙂
Please contact us to get started. We are accepting new volunteers NOW.

Community Education

  • various times and venues throughout the year
  • weekdays or weekends

Use your presentation skills to assist school students and/or adult groups learn about the Helmeted Honeyeater, its habitat and the threats to them. Share your love of the environment with others. Reasonable PC and IT skills required for using a prepared Powerpoint presentation. Working with Children’s Check (volunteer) required. Events may include classroom & community group talks and/or informal community markets & fetes. Training is provided by our Environmental Coordinator.

Contact us to be placed on our Wait list. RESUMING SOON, taking Expressions of Interest now.

School planting days 

  • usually May-October (depending on seasonal weather)

Join our school group visits to Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. A core part of our education program with schools is to plant future habitat for the Helmeted Honeyeater and the other species that co-exist with it. The day may also include a guided habitat walk, a tour or hands-on experience in our nursery or environmental games. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Environmental Coordinator. Working with Children’s Check (volunteer) required.

Contact us to be placed on our Wait list. RESUMING SOON, taking Expressions of Interest now.

Corporate planting days or nursery days

  • Planting days usually May-October (depending on seasonal weather)
  • Nursery days throughout the year (Tuesdays &/or Thursdays)

Are you looking for a volunteer activity that focuses on the outdoors and held during the working week? Our community group needs and welcomes assistance. Help us to plant or grow future habitat for the Helmeted Honeyeater and the other species that co-exist with it within Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. Your corporate group can make a substantial difference in just one day whilst having a great day out. All equipment is supplied. All activities are undertaken under the supervision and direction of our Environmental Coordinator or Nursery Manager.

Contact us to ask how you may be involved. We are taking bookings now.

Use your own special skills

  • variable

One of our members provides fantastic photographic images for our presentations, merchandise and newsletter. Another member is a botanical artist and contributes her drawings for reproduction in our merchandise range. One member has particular skills in finance and committees. Another is really good at producing our newsletter. These examples represent only four of our members. Everyone has something unique to contribute to the group. Let us know how you can contribute.

Contact us for further conversation about how you might start contributing today.


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