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IMPORTANT NOTE: All events at our base in Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve operate subject to current COVID-19 restrictions that apply for the Melbourne metro area. There are two core trigger points for determining whether, and under what circumstances, our events may proceed (1) the Victorian Government COVID Safe settings allows outdoor group gatherings and maximum numbers permitted makes any particular event feasible, plus (2) Parks Victoria’s COVID-19 Update advises that volunteering can proceed. 

Symposium and Art Exhibition launch

Celebrating 50 years of our faunal emblems being proclaimed.

Date: Saturday 16/10/21
For: everyone
Where: online, on Zoom
Time: 2.00 – 4.00pm

Join the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater, in collaboration with the Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum, as we host an online event with leading authorities on the Helmeted Honeyeater and Leadbeater’s Possum. Hear about the challenges and successes in the journey to protect Victoria’s faunal emblems and what needs to be done. Zoos Victoria’s Dr Dan Harley will provide the keynote address. Dan is an acknowledged authority on the Leadbeater’s Possum and is a key member of the Helmeted Honeyeater Recovery Team. This will be followed by a panel discussion with members of the extended recovery team with expertise and responsibility in the core areas of ecology and habitat restoration, genetics, land management, and more.

But wait, there’s more! We will also be opening an online Art Exhibition featuring artwork from private Collections and new artwork for sale with all contributions to support habitat restoration that directly benefits our faunal emblems and the many species that co-exist with them.

For further details and to book your place, click HERE (you will be redirected to our registration page on Eventbrite).

The Zoom invite to the event itself will be sent out a few days before the event. Looking forward to seeing – albeit remotely – many of your faces on 16 October. 

True spring* Citizen science session (flora & frog survey)

For: experienced and novice nature enthusiasts. Unfortunately, COVID lockdowns meant we missed being out in the bush together on National Wattle Day (1 Sept). Fingers crossed for this date! Celebrate with us, on this date when the Common (Pink) Heath was proclaimed as our state floral emblem. Let’s spend some time in the Reserve together, in a season where the wildflowers and insects are awakening with an explosion of colour, all to the backdrop of a chorus of frogs calling. 

Date: Thursday 11/11/21  **Event subject to COVID-19 restriction announcements for metro Melb**

Join us for a morning of citizen science surveying: where we’ll record and learn about the different plants and animals we see to help us understand Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve’s ecosystem better (no experience necessary!). We’ll stop at 11am to observe a minute’s silence. BYO lunch to enjoy with others before heading home.  

Citizen science is a way for everyday people like you and me to get closer to nature. It involves recording the plants and animals you encounter in an area. This information is then used by scientists to understand where species live, when they’re active, and any changes happening in the local environment. Anyone can be a citizen scientist!

Keep watching for event details, including how to register.

Registration is essential for all survey events.

*1 of 6 seasons in the Middle Yarra Timelines Calendar of the local aboriginal peoples, the Wurundjeri

True springCitizen science session (bird & frog survey)

“My life is so fast paced, I really need more of this. Slowing down and really noticing what’s in the bush is so good for me.” – Kellie.

For: experienced and novice birders and nature observers. Crisp mornings will be mostly gone and we’ll have the sun’s warmth on our backs. Wildflowers will be in abundance. Birds, insects and reptiles will be active. Summer bird visitors will return to the Reserve. What will we see and hear?

Date: Monday 15/11/21  **Event subject to COVID-19 restriction announcements for metro Melb**

Led by: Ron, Rachel and Sue
Arrive: 8.30am, for an 8.45am start
Finish: by 12.30pm, or stay on for BYO everything lunch/tea/coffee/chair
Maximum number: TBD (subject to COVID Safe settings in place at the time)
there are no facilities at this site, so please BYO everything you need for a bush experience. Think COVID Safe and rubbish free.

As we walk a section of the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve’s tracks we will be doing a bird survey. I’m guessing we’ll hear frogs as well, so we’ll pause to record these. Multi-tasking! We’ll be using two standardised survey techniques for our bird survey, a 5 km search and a 2 ha, 20-minute search. These types of survey are recognised as providing valuable data that can be used to estimate population trends of species. If you haven’t done bird surveys like this before, we will show you how.

Other species that catch our eye – flowering plants, insects etc – will be added to our iNaturalist project ‘Yellingbo and surrounds‘. If you know how to use your own smart phone, you can easily help with this. Download the app on App Store or Google Play before you come, and sign-up. Our regular participants will show you how to use the app on the day.

This morning is all about learning from each other, with a focus on enjoying being out in the bush together. No experience is needed, just a willingness to participate.

Registration is essential for all survey events.

Keep watching for how to register.

*1 of 6 seasons in the Middle Yarra Timelines Calendar of the local aboriginal peoples, the Wurundjeri

Clean-up Day

For: due to the area we’re walking, this event is not suitable for anyone aged under 13. If you’re 14+ and after an adventure, this one may be for you! The Eastern Yellow Robins are sure to follow us, as we disturb insects along the way 🙂

Date: Wednesday 24/11/21  **Event subject to review pending COVID-19 restriction announcements for metro Melb**

Do you ever drive down Macclesfield Road on your way to meet us at Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve and groan at the rubbish that’s littering this otherwise beautiful area? Yep? Us too! Before it ends up in our waterways, we’re going to pick some up (safely) and recycle what we can, whilst checking out and recording the plant species that make this road verge so important to look after. We expect to find orchids and wildflowers, amongst the trash 🙂

Our gently paced walk will be approx. 2-3 km, on a vegetated road verge without footpaths. You will need to be relatively fit as we won’t seek the walking comfort of the road at all and we’ll be carrying rubbish bags with us. Could a morning out be more fun, and valuable, than this!

Keep watching for event details, including how to register.

Registration is essential for all Clean-up Day events.

*1 of 6 seasons in the Middle Yarra Timelines Calendar of the local aboriginal peoples, the Wurundjeri

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  • Summer: Platypus surveys resume, alongside our Citizen science bird & frog surveys. Winter is the peak time for platypus sightings in SE Australia, however young emerge from the burrows in summer.
  • Apr, Aug, Oct, Nov: The peak months for frog surveys. If we miss other months, we don’t miss these!
  • May-August: Our Citizen science flora & frog surveys extend to fungi. This is peak fungi survey season.
  • June-August: Platypus surveys resume, alongside our Citizen science bird & frog surveys. Winter is the peak time for platypus sightings.
  • Aug-Oct: Platypus breed between Aug-Sept, laying 2-3 eggs around Sept-Oct.

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