Breeding Season Update – 16th January 2019

The breeding seasons continues are our little friends are doing very well. To date we have 35 breeding territories and 64 fledglings have been confirmed. If we get another  4 fledglings it will be a record breeding season. We had 67 fledglings in the 2015/16 breeding season – so here’s hoping!

Senior Ornithologist, Bruce Quin, and his band of helpers will be kept very busy getting all those fledglings banded and DNA sampled.

Breeding Season Update – 11th December 2018

While heavy rain has caused some issues breeding continues at a steady rate. To date 35 breeding territories have been established and 38 fledglings have been confirmed. This compares to 36 breeding territories and 41 fledglings this time last season. 

And some fun facts:

The oldest known Helmeted Honeyeater in the world is Charles Henry and he turned 21 on the 5th Dec. Charles Henry is part of the captive breeding program at Healesville Sanctuary.

The oldest living Helmeted Honeyeater in the wild turned 9 on Monday 17/12/2018. And the oldest known bird ever in the wild lived to the age of 16.

Breeding Season Update – 13th November 2018

Despite the fact that it has been a relatively dry year the breeding season is progressing well. To date 29 breeding territories have been established and 27 fledglings have been confirmed. This compares to 29 breeding territories and 22 fledglings this time last season. Another 7 pairs are expected to establish breeding territories in the coming weeks. 

So far 10 of the seasons fledglings have been banded and DNA sampled. So with the remaining fledglings and breeding continuing at a steady rate our Senior Ornithologist, Bruce Quin, and his band of helpers will be kept very busy making sure that we get the best result possible from this breeding season.

Captive bred bird release – 6th September 2018

To help boost the wild population of Helmeted Honeyeaters five (5) captive bred Helmeted Honeyeaters were released into the wild at Yellingbo. The birds were bred at Healesville Sanctuary as part of the recovery program.

The event was covered by the ABC and you can read their report and hear their pod casts here.

One of this breeding seasons crop.

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